Friday, February 11, 2011

Is Google cheating on us

Just observed type any query in google and search for it and google returns result very quicly and says
 About 4,850,000 results (0.11 seconds)

You can see that result on page 2 starts with result number 10 i.e start=10 u can watch that in url above.

Now when i change that start value to 500 i.e start=500 observe what happened

Number of result is reduced to 453 i.e  About 4,850,000 results (0.11 seconds)  is now changed to page 47 of 453 result.

Again when i changed start value from 500 to 1000 google reviles its secrete
watch out:-
"Sorry, Google does not serve more than 1000 results for any query. (You asked for results starting from 1000.)"
Then is message returned by google in first place that  "about 4,850,000 results" found justified ?????

Isn't it a sort of cheating with its user, giving false impression that it is serving so fast for result set containing millions of items in-spite of fact that it is returning 1000 result at max for any query ...

   Sagar Sharma

Sunday, November 28, 2010

How to not secure urself ...

Seen it somewhere so thought abt  posting it here ...

See n observer how much difficult is it to crack this 4 digit door lock code.. :D
with this lock someone secured his assets ... i m genuinely concerned if insurance company will pay for loss of his assets....well as a insurence inspector i must nt ..
wat say fellas ...
For more info on security issues goto :-

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

ARP poisoning attack and countermeasure (MAN IN THE MIDDLE ATTACK) MITM

One of the active evesdropping attack in current scenario used against individual and organisational is MAN-IN-THE-MIDDLE often know as MITM attack.It is basically exploits the ARP(Address Resolution Protocol).This attack is categorized as Layer 2 attack ,i.e it works on layer -2(MAC Sublayer) of TCP/IP model most of u must be knowing.

MITM attack include: apr poisioning , DNS spoofing , http session hijaking


This protocol is made to facilitate layer-2(MAC) to layer-3(IP) address transaltion.APR is based on 2 packats ARP_REQUEST and ARP_RESPONSE

Aim of these 2 packats are to locate the hardware address associated with the provided IP-address.

ARP_REQUEST is like it says my IP is AA.AA.AA.AA ,and my MAC address is
AA:AA:AA:AA:AA:AA i want to send some data to destination whose IP is BB.BB.BB.BB i don't know the Hardware address pls tell me.depicted in pic given and similarly ARP_RESPONSE packet is generated answering the requested question.Once this transmission is over the transmitting device updates its ARP_CACHE_TABLE,and then the communication starts.


ARP is insecured protocol,devices using ARP can take update at any time.This means that any host in network can reply with ARP_REPLY and force the another host to update its ARP_CACHE  with new poisoned value.

This feature of ARP can be used in malicious manner that user thinks that it is communicating with intended user in spite of fact actually it is communicating with attacker.

Now i m gonna show you the demonstration for ARP_POSIONING. For recreating by demonstration u need 
1)unix OS
2)ettrecap utility

there are many pluginswhich are provided by  ettrecap.
that u can find using

$man ettrecap

use the command given below to start arp posoning n listening to private data,poior to that be sure to be in superuser mode .

#ettercap -T -q -M arp:remote -i etho -P repoison_arp // //

above command will scan all the host in ur subnet and will poison dere arp_cache.
-T  -- this cap is for running ettrecap in text mode
-q  -- this cap is for showing only usufull information not the entire packet
-M -- this cap is for starting MITM attack
-i   --this cap is for selection of netwrok interface on which MITM will work
         it can be eth0 or wlan0 or watever interface u are interested in
-P -- this is for using the plugin provided by the utility
// // --it is there for selecting the user range within subnet default is whole

After executing this command u'll get the private data of users within subnet .
above tutorial was intended entirely for purpose of understanding.pls don't use them for malacious purpose .

it's awl for nw

For more info goto :-
Next post will be about DNS_SPOOFING till then tadasssssssss..